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Accent Voice and Data Ltd 
180 Markfield Road, Groby, 

Tel: 0330 6601010 


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An engineering based telecommunications business, offering practical, honest advice without the sales pitch. 

Diverse experience in providing solutions for a variety of industries ranging from bookmakers, aircraft part manufacturers, schools, universities to white label engineering services. 
We also have a special expertise in providing tailored solutions for the medical and retail sector. 
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How Accent Voice and Data can assist your business ....

  • We can help you take full advantage of the possibilities presented by the convergence of voice and data technologies and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), providing a one-stop shop solution for all your telecommunications requirements.
  • We boast an extensive portfolio of LG products and services among others enabling us to structure telecommunications solutions for small start up companies requiring around 4 extensions, right through to large corporate enterprises.
  • Our strong relationships with LG and Avaya enable us to design, sell, install and maintain telephony solutions over a wide range of equipment that best suit our customers’ requirements; whether for traditional voice solutions or IP enabled solutions. This is especially important when you need a phone system upgrade, an area in which we specialise.