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Maintenance & Support
The service we provide ... Accent Voice and Data Systems offer a comprehensive and independent telecommunication service, from initial free consultation, to installation of complete telephone systems, Category 5e/6 cabling, together with a full range of maintenance packages. Our customer base ranges from small business to corporate networks with system sizes covering up to 300+ sites.
Our Business Support 

Accent Voice and Data can provide support on on a wide range of systems from LG, Samsung, Avaya and Panasonic, LG are the main line systems offered but other equipment is supplied and maintained as required. These systems can connect to a variety of Analogue lines, ISDN 2 or ISDN 30 circuits and can be utilised for simple but economical solutions right through to full ComputerTelephony Integration). 
Our maintenance service ...
The disruption to business caused by a communication breakdown is something no organisation wants to experience. Our voice and data maintenance services ensure that we can provide a range of expert support across the UK from fixing a faulty handset to recovery from a major power failure.

From our strong engineering background we can provide support on any of the equipment types listed below if you have any queries please don't hesitate in contacting us.
Professional Communication Headsets, Amps and Telephones for Offices and Call Centres. 
Mobile Headsets for Cellular and Cordless Telephones. 
SoHo Headset Packages and Headset Telephones for Personal and Home Office Use.
Single Line Telephones for Residential and Business Use.
Coin Operated Pay Telephones for Retail Businesses.
Specialty Single Line Telephones for Hotels, Motels, etc.
Caller ID Adjuncts and Telephones for using Network Caller ID Services.
Pre-Programmable Network Services Telephones for using Network Services.
DECT Cordless Telephones for Residential and Business Use.
DECT Cordless Telephone & Headset Solutions for Residential and Business Use.
Audio Conferencing Systems for executive offices, board rooms, conference rooms, etc.
Answering Machines for Residential and Business Use.
Specialty Telecommunications products such as Incoming Call Alerts, Line Amplifiers, SmartRing Decoders.
Personal Voice Recorders for Business Use.
Call Queue Announcers to enhance company operator performance.
Music/Message On-Hold CD-Players for any size company.
Voice Mail Systems for small to large companies.
Telephone Systems for SoHo, General Business, Corporate, Gov't Depts and Schools
Call Accounting Software for both General Business and Hospitality Industry Applications.
PMR Radio Telephones for Personal Mobile Radio Applications (licence free).
Handheld and Mobile Radio Telephones for Business Application.