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Structured Cabling  
Structured cabling is a flexible solution that provides high speed transmission for combined telephone and computer networks. A single cabling infrastructure will avoid cost and servicing of duplicate networks and allows you to re-organise your work space. All Accent's structured cabling systems are tested to Category 5E standard and guaranteed to at least 100Mhz.

Fibre Optic
If greater capacity, speed or distances are involved you may need to consider Fibre Optic Cabling. 
Fibre Optic Cabling is the solution for networks that demand capacity speed and the need to accommodate distance. Whether the system is for backbone cabling or fibre to the desk applications,
Accent is not only a cabling company but also provides solutions for data and voice networks. Cabling infrastructure and the voice and data networks are inextricably interrelated, allowing Accent to provide a unique capability of ensuring that the cabling system is designed appropriately for the network traffic, and vice versa. As a result, significant savings can be made, for example: in the numbers of user points needed to support IP telephony, to ensure the backbone media is optimised and by ensuring the hub locations minimise costs of network hardware.
CAT 5 Cabling
Utilising high quality connecting hardware & cable, System 5E exceeds the latest industry specifications (EN50173, ISO 11801 and EIA568B) for components and channel performance for category 5E (Class D) cabling systems. 
For situations such as temporary premises, an investment in high sped cabling such as category 6 may not be cost effective, as category 5E systems are currently 15-20% more economical whilst still providing amle bandwidth for many of today's applications. 

Cat 6 Cabling
Cat 6 is the performance option for a network infrastructure. With future requirements in mind, all links are  100% tested to at least 250 MHz and exhibit transmission performance that far exceed ISO/IEC, EN and TIA/EIA specifications. 
The need for this increased cabling bandwidth is the ongoing development of higher speed protocols. Category 5 cabling, when launched a decade ago had a much higher capability than the 10M Ethernet or 16M token ring protocols used but it has now reached the end of its lifetime with the advent of Gigabit Ethernet. Category 6 now provides additional headroom and as a result new developments in higher speed protocols will concentrate on Category 6 performance. Category 6 increases lifetime capabilities, ultimately resulting in a maximum return on investment.