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Unified communications (also known as “UC”) is just what it says – it enables better collaboration by unifying formerly separate modes of communication into a single, combined user experience. Email, text, and voice messaging work seamlessly with live voice, audio and video conferencing, and Web collaboration, in one interface, with “presence” notification to indicate your availability to participate. Using UC you can switch between smartphones, tablets and desktop phones easily and when embedded into your business can reduce costs. 

iPECS UCS Main Features
• Call control: Control all of your calls and telephony from your desktop or mobile client

• ClickCall: A simple mouse click to dial numbers from your screen

• Chat Instant Messaging: Chat to colleagues and collaborate on
simple questions and information exchange

• Call Through/Call Back: Call through your main office system
and secure reliable and cost effective call rates

• Outlook integration: Outlook contact and schedule synchronisation

• Audio Conference Manager: Voice conference (Ad-hoc, Room,
and Group), easily invite attendees using drag & drop

• Video Conference & Collaboration:
Video conference up to six colleagues on UCS Premium
including screen sharing, white board & web push functions

• Visual Voicemail: Manage all of your voicemail on your PC,
smartphone or tablet
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