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Hikvision DVRs

Accent Voice and Data has numerous years experience installing and maintaining business security solution, so are well placed to help you navigate the vast array of options and offer the help you need to choose the right solution based on your security needs.

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is connected directly to the CCTV camera, and often has a built-in video processing card, and integrated/attached storage device for recording the digital images on to. This differs from a NVR, that is not directly attached to the CCTV cameras and receives digital images from CCTV cameras with an in-built video card via a network cable.

Recording Options

In order to identify the appropriate recording options, shoppers should consider how long they want to save footage, and what resolution they want the footage in. Additionally, shoppers should consider how they want to retrieve footage. Digital video recorders (DVR) are among the most popular recording options available. A large capacity hard drive allows the DVR to store high-resolution footage for days, weeks, months, even years. DVRs also allow users to access footage from remote locations, and it is much easier to transfer footage from a DVR.

Date and Time Stamps

In order for your CCTV DVR system to be as useful as possible, footage needs a date and time stamp. If a business plans to use the footage for evidence purposes, an accurate time stamp increases the footage value. Not all DVRs come with a time stamper; however, timestamp generators are available as add-ons for nearly every system.

Third Generation TURBO 3 DVR - 8 Channel up to 2MP (1080P) Turbo HD TVI....

Third Generation TURBO 3 DVR - 16 Channel up to 3MP Turbo HD TVI....

16 Channel DVR DS-8116HQHI-SH....

16 Channel Hybrid 3MP Turbo DVR - 16 Analogue, 32  IP Channel Embedded....

16 Channel 3MP Hybrid Turbo HD DVR.....

  • Accent Voice and Data have looked after our telephone requirements since our business moved to new premises in 2001. They are always there to lend a hand when needed and regularly carry out the necessary work during the night so that the changes have been effected by start of business the next day. They have assisted in changing our lines and calls supplier on several occasions which has resulted in cost savings. They also represent us when the system breaks down or we have billing problems. Our dealings with this company are always professional and dealt with in a super-efficient way. Deb and Gavin are friendly and helpful at all times and nothing is too much trouble.

  • I have been dealing with Accent Voice and Data for over 6 years now. Gavin and his team are really helpful and are great to work with and I look forward to working with them in the years ahead


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